The Table-Grill ? What is it ?

The Table-Grill can be used inside and outside, during the summer and during the winter.

It is an individual grill which consists in a wooden plate and a gill set (iron). The Table-Grill is unique, stylish and original !

The spit allows steaks or brochettes cooking.

Cooking with your Table-Grill

Steak grilling

Grilling a beef steak

The Table-Grill works with methylated spirits.

The Table-Grill, stylish and original

The Table-Grill, stylish and original

The Table-Grill is designed with noble materials: a wooden plate and an iron grilling set.

Your meals with the Table-Grill

The Table-Grill will offer you very original meals, much more than a plancha or a barbecue for example.

The Table-Grill is ideal for festive meals brightened by the beauty of flames. Everyone cooks its steak or meat skewer made up himself.

The Table-Grill gives you unforgettable moments, it is the magic of cooking on your table and everyone does his cooking as he likes.

With the Table-Grill, your guests will be amazed and delighted, not to mention the enthusiasm of children who love it. In addition, the mistress of house is free from the tasks in the kitchen and can devote all his time to its guests.

An idea for a surprising and romantic dinner?

Imagine a romantic dinner, eyes in eyes, illuminated by flames of the Table-Grill.

Even if you are not a chef cook, you can easily organise your romantic dinner, you do not have to cook since grilling will be made at the table.

Guarantee "satisfied or refunded"

Guarantee satisfied or refundedYour Table-Grills are Guarantee "satisfied or refunded"! If your Table-Grills do not meet your expectations, then they will be totally refunded.